What is KiwiBerry?

KiwiBerry is a Partner Token created by the gaming clan "Elite Sesameseeds", which is a clan made up of Sesameseed community members, primarily playing Eggies.   Eggies is a Tron blockchain game being crowdfunded on the Sesameseed platform, SEED Germinator.

KiwiBerry is a Tron Blockchain based currency, aiming to unify the gaming universe. KiwiBerry can be used as a way to obtain in-game advantages, as a way to be rewarded in-game and can be an essential token needed to progress, in game.

KiwiBerry is always backed 1:1 with Tron, assuring gamers of its value in the market.

KiwiBerry is already being discussed for use in two other games: CropBytes & Aftermath Islands.

We are actively in discussions with other games in development. We want to establish what we will term, the "KiwiVerse". 

How will KiwiBerry be useful?

Nothing frustrates gamers more than having to buy an in-game token, playing the game, then getting bored of the game, or having the game "die" before you can use all of your tokens. What if your token could cross platforms? What if you could use those tokens in another game? KiwiBerry is the token that sets out to solve this problem. We have already established a partnership with Eggies - set to be a massive multiplayer game on the Tron blockchain. 

In order to join the gaming Verse, all that is required from a game is to accept the token. This must be done in a way which will support the value of the gaming Verse, and by association, the token. In the future, other assets will be capable of being useful in more than one game.  Aside from this, each developer will have full control of how KiwiBerry, and future assets will be used in their game.


There is currently no clear roadmap to be established by KiwiBerry as we are not a "project", we are a utility token aiming to unify multiple projects for the benefit of the gamers using the Tron Network. Eventually we may establish a platform containing all games utilizing KiwiBerry or we may create a "KiwiBerry Exchange", however, our main concept and goal is to allow mass adoption in all crypto games on the Tron Network. Having a large KiwiBerry community and user base, developers will be looking to tap into this vast resource to kick start their game.

We have already been approached by games on other blockchains, some have expressed a potential interest in moving to Tron, or possibly working with Tron once the necessary cross-chain bridges are completed.

As we establish ourselves more, and KiwiBerry's Social Media presence ramps up along with this site, we expect even more games to come knocking.

If you are a Dev, looking for projects, we have use for you as well!

About Us

We are Altruistic –

 As we grow and begin the marketing in earnest, we will be giving Crypto Assets away!

We are Blockchainers –

We are working towards the adoption of Blockchain technology as a whole.  Creating use for the Tron blockchain is how we propel it forward.

We are Gamers –

We share a vision of Adoption through Gaming.  We are working towards making gaming on the blockchain easier, and more profitable for everyone!

Our Partners