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  Cropbytes, the hottest Crypto game out! A farming game similar to farmville, that uses Tron cryptocurrency as a form of payment and reward! Many facets to this game including use of water and power from lakes and turbines!

  Become a farming tycoon with this entertaining virtual farming game where you can grow crops, breed animals, buy land, upgrade buildings and so much more.

  Purchase a pet, feed it daily, collect extracts from it and sell those in the market to get daily profits. You may also exchange these extracts to get permanent game assets like houses and generators!

  Get super heros to increase your farm productivity. Total supply of super heros in the game is limited to 8000!

*Beta as soon as Apple approves the app

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Eggies World

A unique monster themed, Tron based crypto game, connected to sesameseed, with "staking"; a built in SeedGerminator, and plans for intense monster battles!

Eggies World is an interactive, open world game that leverages the unique characteristics of the blockchain for player interaction, gameplay and in game rewards.

Hatch your own unique monster which you can raise, feed, equip and battle with.  Join Clans for even more intense battles! 

Player Rewards can earn you daily Trx if your Monster is active

Still in the funding and development stage you can invest in Eggies via the SeedGerminator to earn Investor Rewards once the game is launched. 

 *Softcap reached

50%+ of Hardcap

*Beta anticipated late 2018

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Aftermath Islands

A Tron based crypto game built by gamers for the gamers! Island themed battle and scavenging game connected to Cropbytes via the "power" from Solar Panels and Turbines. A post apocalyptic clan based game.

  Each Island will be its own clan,  competing or trading with neighboring islands.  Each clan will be scavenging, trading, creating items, and using them to progress faster than the others!

The KiwiVerse has already improved beyond just a token, as Power and Animals from Cropbytes will be usable in the Aftermath Islands game, setting an example of how gamers and devs can come together to create something competely unique!

*Pre-sale ends Oct 22, 2018 

Beta anticipated late 2018

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